BeaMalevich is a team of people passionate about art, architecture, and design. Since the year 2009, we have developed unique objects inspired in our favorite art movements, such as Neoplasticism and De Stijl, Bauhaus School, Constructivism, and of course, Suprematism. Browse our Collections and discover our brand:

& a puzzle collection to come!

Our products are trusted by Museums nationwide, with international expansion and presence in fairs dedicated to the art movements that we like to represent in our products.
You can find our items in places as varied as the Guggenheim Bilbao, the Centre Pompidou, the Museo del Prado, Reina Sofía, and much more.

The Unique Art Dioramas

Our products are inspired on important movements that have shaped the history of the world – be it sociologically, aesthetically, or artistically. You are buying a objects with culture, present through their architectural style and design.

Made locally

We pride ourselves in our network of local manufacturers from around the area of Barcelona. Our production is 90% local, with great emphasis on small and medium enterprises and workshops and sustainable materials.

Customizable products

We have made several special editions for people and institutions under requests. Our team of designers work closely with you to meet your demands and present you with prototypes of packaging or product personalizations, that then become real.

Small, dedicated team

Beamalevich is based in a group of multicultural creators, as the city it is based on. We collaborate with designers from all over to complete the different parts of the process of making unique objects and delivering our design standards in everything we do.