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Beamalevich is a team of Art, Architecture, and Design enthusiasts. We are creators of items inspired in XX century movements, from Neoplasticism, to the Bauhaus School, Suprematism, Brutalism, & more.

Since the year 2009, our items are present in Museum Stores and Design Shops internationally, in spots such as the Guggenheim Bilbao, the Centre Pompidou, the Museo del Prado, Museo Reina Sofía, the Bauhaus Foundation… and many more particular book shops, concept stores, and gift boutiques.


Know about
4 key factors that make the soul of our creations:





History through the Arts

Our gift objects are inspired on important movements that have shaped the history of the modern world – be it sociologically, aesthetically, or artistically. You are buying culture, present in their architectural style and design.



Made locally

We pride ourselves in our network of manufacturers from around the area of Barcelona. Our production is >90% national, with great emphasis on small and medium enterprises, ateliers and workshops, and sustainable materials.

guggenheim bilbao model




Customizable products

Do you have your own project for a Beamalevich product? Do you regent a museum shop? We have made several editions under request for companies and institutions alike. From design and size, to packaging and presentation, the Beamalevich team can work on your exact personalization demands and make them become real.



Small, dedicated team

Beamalevich is based in a group of multicultural creators, as the city it is based on. We collaborate with designers from all over to complete the different parts of the process of making new objects and delivering our design standards in everything we do.