Shapes of New York


Shape New York with no boundaries.

An interactive way to make your own Shape of your city, this item is perfect for detail lovers.

Play with the 7 standing methacrylate silhouettes featuring the most iconic constructions in town, fitting them on a 5-lane wood base and creating endless perspectives. A great and precise urban diorama, and an unending scenario.

This makes a great gift for architecture & city lovers as well as a piece of art for decoration, be it of shelfs or desktops, be it facing a lamp and casting a beautiful shadow, & much more.

High-quality precise cut methacrylate makes the outlines fully recognizable and resistant for regular experimentation.

Already available: New York  Madrid  Barcelona  Paris  London  Bilbao

From nearest to farthest, oldest to newest, most known to to-discover… What architectural order are you going to pursue…?



Dimensions (wood base):
Length: 39 cm // 15.3 in
Width: 8 cm // 3.1 in
Height: 0.9 cm // 0.35 in

Weight (full product):
250 g approx. // 0.5 lb

Material: certified elm wood & methacrylate

1 x 5 stripes-carved wood base
7 x different sized methacrylate building outlines

Handmade in Barcelona

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The neoclassical Statue of Liberty has been the welcoming construction saluting all sailing New York newcomers since the early 1890s. Standing all alone on a small island at the Hudson River’ upper bay, it was bigger and greater than anything anyone had ever seen – nothing, though, compared with the One World Trade Center you would see today. But, besides from the already existing Brooklyn Bridge on the other side, Lady Liberty was just the shy beggining of a 50-year gap of an astounding skyscraper construction rant that would change Manhattan forever. The Flatiron, Empire State, and Chrysler Building, completed respectively in 1903, 1930 and 1932, all former World’s tallest candidates or winners, know about it, and have surely seen plenty. These living showcases embrace shorter structures like the New Museum and Hearst Tower, whose silhouettes we have featured in the same piece as a way of honouring two iconic, design-filled facades of NY. In real life, however, the latter is closer to the modern 432 Park Avenue or MetLife Building area than it is to Soho or Lower Manhattan like the firth, but they both represent the city of dreams, of unending vertical office buildings and tons and tons of neck-breaking piles of metal, concrete, and glass. One little exception here though – the recently finished 432 Park Avenue Condominium tower, which has the tallest rooftop in New York and overlooks the far-side Guggenheim Museum and Central Park… is 100% residential!




Barcelona-based brand est. in 2009 which creates Design Objects, Toys, City Skylines & Art Gifts inspired mostly by XX-century architecture & design beamalevich
Shapes of New York

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Weight 0.221 kg
Dimensions 10.2 × 39.5 × 2.3 cm



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