Build freely and compose structures with this Piet Mondrian inspired HOUSE™ architecture toy medium-sized pack.

With this construction set, you can build 3D versions of the most important De Stijl artists in history.

Simply stack the wood bases vertically or side by side, and use the grooves on the wood as the rails in which to slide the cardboard cards. You will soon create a house with Mondrian-style walls, that you can further decorate as you wish. Repeat this process over and over thanks to the modular nature of the game – no screws nor glue are needed.

The 90º metal plaques serve as corners for your structures.

Be it painters like Théo van Doesburg or Húszar and architects like Gerrit Rietveld or JJP Oud, this toy makes the two worlds meet – the visual style of Neoplasticism is easy to represent and can be a great entertainment for play for children and adults alike.

Markers not included.



Wood, iron, & cardboard

2 x rectangular wood bases (15,6 x 7,8 cm)
2 x square wood bases (7,8 x 7,8 cm)
4 x metal shaped walls
10 x cardboard walls featuring Neoplastic and De Stijl colours and designs