Modular Desk Calendar for the year 2021

You can plan the year 2021 in a fashionable way with the Modul@r Desk Calendar by Beamalevich.
Assemble it easily with instructions, pour your personal touch into it, and fit it in the smallest spaces thanks to its small size!

  • It’s simple. Easily create your unique 2021 plan and place it wherever you like. It fits anywhere!
  • It’s basic. Wood, metal, elastic bands, and cards for each month and designs. Instructions inside!
  • It’s modular. Build it as you like. Made of high quality materials for endless experimentation.

Simply join the wood units and metal corners with each card and secure them with the elastic bands, already included.

If you were looking for an innovative calendar and for a comprehensive, pocket size guide to 2021, the Modular Desk Calendar is your item!
A unique do-it-yourself 3D illustrated calendar that increases your creativity, with a non-typical build up that allows multiple displays and structuring of this years’ months, at your taste.

Assembly instructions inside.



Dimensions (box):
Length: 9 cm // 3.5 in
Width: 9,5 cm // 3.7 in
Depth: 5.5 cm // 2.1 in

Weight (box):
410 g // 0.9 lbs

Wood, metal, cardboard, natural rubber

4 x metal corners (3 black, 1 red)
5 x single wood units
25 x cards
10 x elastic bands
Instructions and set up ideas

100% recyclable!