Mini wooden portable Bookstand

Our Wood bookstand allows you to prop up open and read books while your hands are working on something else. It stands at a vertical degree of around 75º and can support open or closed books of small and medium size.

And where a book can lean… so can a smartphone. You can pose your tablet or portable telephone vertically or horizontally in a safe 80º degrees position that allows watching it with a TV display.

Made of 2 simple pieces, assembly is easy and immediate. The vertical part stretches a wooden arm that can be used as a bookmark for leaned books.

This bookstand is entirely made of recycled layered wood, and it is small and lightweight.

Includes instructions and ideas.



Height: 17 cm // 6.7 in
Width: 13 cm // 5.1 in
Thickness: 0.35 cm // 0.14 in

100 g // 0.2 lbs

Material: recycled wood

80º degrees inclination when mounted
Easy assembling (2 pieces)