Our Wood bookstand allows you to prop up open books that you will be able to read while your hands are working on something else. It has been designed to stand almost vertical, while at once supporting books of small and medium size in the open – if the book allows it – or closed position.

As an orchestra director leaning on a lectern to drive musicians through the music with both hands-free, you too can rely on this item to read while you’re preparing meals, playing an instrument or merely needing reliable vertical support for a book in use. We have also used it as a bookmark during reading breaks, which gives it its name.

And where a book can lean so can a smartphone. You can pose your tablet or portable telephone in a safe, 80º degrees stand that allows to watch it as if it was a TV display (as seen on the pictures) vertically or horizontally, at will.

This bookstand is entirely made of recycled layered wood, mounted from two separate pieces and carriable everywhere thanks to its size and light weight.

Packaging includes instructions on how to assemble the product and some creative ideas of how to use it.



Height: 17 cm // 6.7 in
Width: 13 cm // 5.1 in
Thickness: 0.35 cm // 0.14 in

Material: recycled wood

80º degrees inclination when mounted
Easy assembling (2 pieces)