A very high quality decorative replica of the Fagus Factory building facade.

-10% Discount based on Condition: this product is missing its original Chisel & Mouse packaging. Instead, it is carefully packed inside a new box by Beamalevich.

A perfect decorative replica of the factory building now belonging to the GreCon Inc group, the original Fagus Factory represents the original work of modernist industrial architecture.

It was the first major building by Walter Gropius, famed for the Bauhaus architectural movement. Gropius designed a glass and steel construction. The windowed corners made it a hallmark for his brand new form of architecture.

The Fagus Factory in Alfeld – known also as Fagus Fabrik or Fagus Werk – was included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2011.

Made of strong plaster that has a reassuring weight and smooth and cool feel. Window frame and railings are made of etched brass.

Handmade in Sussex, England.



Architect: Walter Gropius

Opening year: 1913

Style: Modernist / Bauhaus

Real building address: Hannoversche Str. 58, Alfeld, Leide (GERMANY)

Height: 27 cm // 10.6 in
Width: 18 cm // 7 in
Depth: 7.5 cm // 3 in

2.5 kg approximately // 5.5 lbs approximately

Material: plaster, etched brass