New edition coming soon

Like an ever-changing sculpture, Box 1-7 is a modular shelf made of seven identical boxes of different sizes. Each box fits inside of each other like Russian nesting dolls.

Box 1-7 is composed of seven simple cubes that hang from a single nail on the wall. Each cube hangs from a hand-woven leather rope and can be rearranged to your liking.

Created by Finnish designer Pekka Olavi, he was inspired by a series of artist and movements, like Malevich’s Suprematism, Mondrian’s Neoplasticism, and Donald Judd’s Minimalism, among others.

We assure you, everyone who sees the Box 1-7 installed in your house will instantly love it!


Boxes: Medium density fiberboard and Formica

Ropes: handwoven natural leather

Big box: 24 x 24 x 24 cm

Small box; 10 x 10 x 10 cm

Total weight: 7.5 kg

Screw and hook included

Designed by Pekka Olavi for BeaMalevich