Safety measures in times of Covid-19


Paris makes masks compulsory in busy outdoors areas from MondayCoronavirus has hit hard in a worldwide scale. Thousands of businesses of many sectors have suffered a sudden stop in their activities, due to the measures put forward by national governments in an effort to stop the virus from spreading.

Beamalevich, like many other companies, is linked to the institutional sector of Museums, Cultural Buildings, and Gift and Concept Stores, all of which have also reduced the volume of their business in a large extent.

We are so aware that the management of this sanitary crisis is the key factor in getting back to somewhere close to the past daily development. We know that, at least in Spain, everyone is striving to get back to normality as soon as possible, and that return to a better place can only happen through personal and corporate responsibility – and we are as committed as everyone else.

Even though our normal B2B activity has been obviously reduced, we are more open than ever!

All our B2B and B2C International Shipments are taken care of with the highest safety measures available. Our reduced team is daily checked and using all recommended health measures, and our shipping services managed by premium companies such as UPS, SEUR, TNT and FedEx add up to a professional management of orders from start to finish. We assure you that you will receive your commands absolutely virus-free and with no delivery delay from our side, following the standards that have been adopted by all actors in our sector.

We wish you stay safe in such times and we are at disposable if you have any inquiry or request to make in consideration.

Kind regards from the Beamalevich team