A folding side table in rendition to the art of Piet Mondrian and Neoplasticism.

Minimalistic, rectangular folding side table made of 3 modular parts with 2 functional positions: folded or unfolded. Inspired by the De Stijl style, a pure type of abstract art that adhered to strict rules of composition. When the PIET is folded, it transforms into a 2D rectangular structure with color and character of its own, as if it were a piece of Neoplastic art in the style of Mondrian himself. When unfolded, PIET is a handy and original coffee table or side table that fits perfect as an auxiliary board for your coffee, your magazines, or to be used as a design lectern for instance. Forget about static stools and structures and open up to the multipurpose PIET! The table is an original creation of the Italian design studio IVDesign and it honors the simplicity and uniqueness of artists like Gerrit Rietveld or Peter Keler.   SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (folded): Height: 70 cm // 27.6 in Width: 43 cm // 16.9 in Thickness: 1.5 cm // 0.6 in Dimensions (unfolded): Height: 70 cm // 27.6 in Width: 43 cm // 16.9 in Depth: 22.5 cm // 8.9 in Board thickness: 1.5 cm // 0.6 in Board height over floor: 45 cm // 9 in Weight: 4.5 kg // 9.9 lb Material: black painted metal & formica board Colors: white, blue or yellow