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We have created these products inspiring ourselves by what we miss in interior design: items that push you to create and react, that can morph, and that ultimate decorate your rooms with your artistic flair. No limits.

  • Create Tatlin's Tower Monument to the Third International diorama artworks

    Build one of the most ambitious figurative architecture ideas of all time, experimenting with the depths, colors, and forms from Russia's Soviet Era constructivist artists. Play with 6 standing methacrylate pieces featuring the skyline of Saint Petersburg and the Tatlin Tower structure, and a wood base with 5 lanes in which to slide the pieces, and create new perspectives of this interesting structure. All shapes are laser-cut and lightweight, with a mirror-like finish. Other Artsy & City 'Shapes' of available clicking here   SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (base): 39 x 8 x 0.9 cm 15.3 x 3.1 x 0.35 in Tallest piece: 15.4 cm // 6.1 in Weight: 187 g // 0.41 lbs Material: PEFC elm wood & methacrylate Includes: 1 x wood base with five grooves 5 x scaled sized Tatlin Tower structure methacrylate pieces 1 x St. Petersburg urban skyline methacrylate piece Designed and made in Barcelona
  • Sale!

    A genuine typographic alphabet fully designed by American artist James Thompson in rendition to the XXth century style and movement known as De Stijl.

    About James Thompson, in his own words: “I am a Global Arts & Design student from Dallas, TX, USA. I am currently attending Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. I have been doing graphic design work for 5 years. Other mediums of Art & Design I work in are painting, mixed media, sculpture, 35mm film, and digital photography. Some of my artistic influences are Cy Twombly, Piet Modrian, Robert Rauschenberg, and Barnett Newman. I love to travel and learn about new cultures. Other interests of mine include cinema, sociology, coffee, and good music.” Printed by Granja Gràfica in Gràcia, Barcelona.   SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: Length: 78 cm // 30.7 in Width: 40 cm // 15.7 in

    Paper: Materica Gesso 360 gr

    Printing: Letterpress by Granja Grafica in cylinder press Korrex Berlin Printed in Barcelona, October 2013

    First edition of 200 copies

    Poster is sent rolled

  • A construction game inspired by the Alpha architecton of Russian Kazimir Malevich. The Architecton C3 is one of the first products we ever developed and a smaller version of the original C4 model, a more known construction toy in the market. The idea is simple: you play being Malevich as you create your own architectonsArchitecton C3 is more compact than its big brother C4 but allows to create a smarter, more solid version of what an Architecton is. Size plays a differentiating factor here, allowing the result of your piece-combining adventures to serve a different purpose than it would if it were C4 based. Small pieces here are tiny, which delights detail-oriented users seeking for 'miniature' products. The packaging is high-quality cardboard. The pieces come stuck inside as in a Tetris game, filling the box up to its cover. Handmade out of wood and painted in white, the Architecton’s C3 texture is very similar to the original plaster used by Malevich. Architecton C3's dimensions and display were taken from a square piece composing the backbone of the original ALPHA ARCHITECTON. Done designed and created by Beamalevich back in 2009.   SPECIFICATIONS Packaging: high-quality cardboard Material: precise cut wood, white paint Designed in Barcelona by Beamalevich  
  • A construction game inspired by the Alpha Architecton of Kazimir Malevich

    The idea is simple: you play being Malevich as you create your own architectons. From 1923 to 1928, the artist produced a series of plaster sculptures that he named 'arkhitektons'. These were compositions representing imaginary buildings. The architectons, in their diverse models made by Malevich, always featured a large rectangular block -which could be placed horizontally or vertically- to which other smaller blocks were attached, just like on the Architecton C4. Handmade out of wood and painted in white, the smooth feel of this pocket version is similar to the original plaster used by the artist in his sculptures. The pack includes 27 pieces of different sizes, all either square or rectangular displaying right angles. On practice, it is a great tool for experimentation for architects, designers, and urbanists. Appealing and solid, these wooden blocks resemble those used by creators like Frank Gehry to create front views of virtual or imaginary projects with real life precision. The Architectons can be seen as a three-dimensional application of Suprematism. Somebody once said that an architecton <<is only a composition of stereometric figures, a thing of no use, with no other objective than to decorate a room, or to be placed in the middle of a square, suitably enlarged>>. Create and feel creative with this constructive game or make it an ideal gift for art lovers and architects.   SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (box): 26 x 7 cm // 10.2 x 2.7 in Weight (boxed): 532 g // 1.17 lbs Materials: precise cut PFEC wood, white paint Includes: 27 x pieces of different sizes 1 x leaflet with instructions Disclaimer: not for children under 3 years as it contains small pieces which can be swallowed   Watch an Architecton Snippet below. Scroll down.
  • Although Malevich had wished to have one of his architectons installed on top of his coffin before procession and burial in his selected spot in the outskirts of Nemchinovka – just outside Moscow -, it was his fellow Suprematist artist and friend Nikolai Suetin who designed what would indeed become the last mortuary carriage and Kazimir's final deathbed before incineration and further rituals. The “Suetin Coffin”, as the box would be called for the rest of history, accompanied the last memories of those who witnessed the acts of that May 15th of 1935, which finished by an oak tree, underground, by the little town of his choice. This rendition to the Suetin’s ouvre – also referred to as the Malevich coffin -, adapted though to domestic dimensions, is entirely made of wood loyally stacked in layers to resemble the original creation. A coat of white paint imitates the original design, with black stripes on the sides, and a painted black square and a black circle on the top part of the piece end the characterization (see in pictures). The coffin structure has two wood notches on its inside that function as a buffer stop. Design thought by Beamalevich and handmade by Barcelona cabinetmakers in single units, all different from each other. Layered wood parts. The coffin comes mounted as seen on the picture. It resembles a case. Due to the nature of the product, we were not sure initially whether it would be worth replicating. But following both our passion and the current lack of a rendition to this particular item, we let ourselves be pulled by the force of art into its tailor making.   SPECIFICATIONS Materials: precise cut wood, black paint, white paint Characteristics: Hollow inside allows to storage of items of small size such as short stationery objects, a fountain pen, jewellery or anything fitting in a hand case. Buffer stops make the product maintain its original display and precise closing edges. Painted like the original Malevich coffin.
  • Fundació Mies Barcelona Pavilion model

    A "do-it-yourself" replica of the Barcelona Mies Pavilion in a scale of 1:150, notably crafted with birch plywood, methacrylate, and steel, easy to assemble. Experience the thrill of bringing back to life this timeless construction from 1929. The Mies Barcelona Pavilion Model comes unmounted, with a total of 19 pieces, and it is the user's task to build it piece per piece following the instructions inside just like following an architectural plan. An ideal replica for architecture lovers and Mies van der Rohe admirers, to display as a sculpture, as a piece of art, or as architectural decoration, this miniature building pays attention to the details of the original Pavilion: proportions, size, and the inner and outer areas where real life visitors can walk about. Packed inside a wooden case that can serve as base for display, in elegant black, with rubber band cord closing. Check our Bauhaus Objects Collection by clicking these words.   SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (assembled): Height: 3 cm // 1.2 in Width: 42 cm // 16.5 in Length: 18.5 cm // 7.3 in Weight (boxed): 673 g / 1.5 lb / 26.7 oz Material: birch plywood, methacrylate, steel Scale: 1:150 (meaning: every 1 centimeter on the model equals 150 centimeters on real life) Assembling instructions inside. Methacrylate parts are covered with a blue plastic cover to be removed. Not recommended for children under 3 years old as it contains small pieces.
  • A wooden moving sculpture inspired by the Spatial Construction designed by constructivist Gustav Klutsis

    The original sketch of this wooden tribute was drawn in 1921 and sought to foresee the future of space usage and geometric knowledge applications in the public buildings to be raised in the Russia of the time. Similar to Malevich's suprematist Architectons, the Spatial Construction was designed with the possibility of morphing shape and changing structure quickly, allowing multiple possibilities of creation. We have respected this by separately aligning the two concentric rectangular pieces inside the outer structure, which enables the user to move and arrange the sculpture as desired, symmetrically, emptied or fully furnished. Once out of the box, the Spatial Construction becomes a living part of the environment - you can hang it from a string, shape it differently, display it as a decorative Constructivist sculpture, etc. The emptiness and mobility of the sculpture allow unique games of shadows to be performed. It comes already assembled on a custom thick cardboard box. Handmade in Barcelona from Oregon pine wood from certified plantations.


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