2201, 2021

Featured Article: “5 Essential Tips for Collecting Ceramics” by: Jillian Billard

This week we were excited to read Jillian Billard's article "5 Essential Tips for Collecting Ceramics" published in Artsy. Billard writes, "Another factor in the growing interest in ceramics is, quite simply, that they’re fun. In a time when daily life is largely conducted online, the tactility of ceramics is a refreshing change of pace that,

2411, 2020

Shapes of Bauhaus: Celebrating the Work of Alma Siedhoff-Buscher

We are excited to announce the newest product in our Shapes Of series: Shapes of Bauhaus! Shapes of Bauhaus was inspired by the work of Alma Siedhoff-Buscher who studied at the Staatliches Bauhaus school in Weimar in the early 20th Century. During her first few years at Staatliches Bauhaus she was the only woman working in

2909, 2020

Architecton: The Integration of Architecture in the Suprematist Movement

BeaMalevich’s first product, Architecton, was inspired by Kazimir Malevich’s Alpha Architecton. Malevich believed that architecture was a critical component of Suprematism and integrated the two in his series of Architectons beginning in 1923. Malevich’s Architectons were built out of white plaster and exhibited the potential of Suprematist architecture as a non-objective medium. An important component of

709, 2020

Designing an Aesthetic Workspace with BeaMalevich

A key component of designing a comfortable workspace is surrounding ourselves with items, decoration, and imagery that make us feel both at home and inspired. Having a welcoming and aesthetic workplace can actually help us be more productive during the day as well as spark creativity and innovation in our work. Being in control of your environment and

209, 2020

Celebrating 137 Years: Theo van Doesburg

Today we celebrate the 137th Birth Anniversary of Dutch artist Theo van Doesburg, born August 30, 1883. Theo van Doesburg was a founding member of the Dutch De Stijl movement of the early 20th century that emphasized geometricity and later in the movement, Doesburg’s theory of Elementarism. Elementarism was similar to Piet Mondrian’s theory of Neoplasticism,

3008, 2020

Designing FLOT: The Influence of 20th Century Artistic Movements on Modern Interior Design

The artistic movements of the 20th Century have inspired and continue to influence modern interior design trends. In particular, the Bauhaus movement pioneered modern furniture design characterized by simple, sleek pieces often made from industrial materials. The functionality and simplicity of Bauhaus furniture has made it a lasting staple of interior design and iterations of the

2008, 2020

Mies Pavilion Barcelona

The breathtaking Mies Pavilion Barcelona was designed by two monumental figures in the modernist architecture movement: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lily Reich. Completed in 1929, Mies Pavilion was torn down just a year later before being rebuilt in its initial location in 1986 where it stands today. Mies Pavilion is a modernist architectural masterpiece,

1508, 2020

Tretyakov Gallery of Moscow: Celebrating 127 Years

Sitting by the Moskva River, the New Tretyakov Gallery is one of Europe's top Modern Art museums, a must-see for anyone interested in 20th century art movements. About 500m away from the 'New' modern gallery sits the 'Old' Tretyakov Gallery, also known as the 'State Gallery', the foremost depository of Russian fine art on the globe. Pavel

808, 2020

Museum Stores and the COVID-19 Crisis

When talking about economic loss in the tourism sector associated with the Coronavirus, we can easily picture closed restaurants, hotels, rental services, and certain stores, located near popular tourism spots and heavily dependent on seasonality and foreign customers. We imagine businesses that might not be able to survive 3 months of inactivity or a season serving

108, 2020

Exhibition Spotlight: Olafur Eliasson at the Guggenheim Bilbao (until April 4th 2021)

We are excited to highlight the exhibition Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life currently on display at our partner Museum Guggenheim Bilbao! Eliasson is a Danish-Icelandic artist famous for his dynamic, interactive art installations which feature natural elements. Eliasson’s work challenges the notion of perception, immersing the viewer in spaces that often speak to contemporary issues in

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