This week we were excited to read Jillian Billard’s article “5 Essential Tips for Collecting Ceramics” published in Artsy. Billard writes, “Another factor in the growing interest in ceramics is, quite simply, that they’re fun. In a time when daily life is largely conducted online, the tactility of ceramics is a refreshing change of pace that, as Spahn explained, can ‘bring a lot of enjoyment to your life and to your collection.”

Billard further goes: “The aesthetic, conceptual, physical, and textural possibilities of ceramics are virtually endless, and the diverse applications of the medium are continually evolving.

At BeaMalevich we too believe in the importance of interacting with art during these difficult times as a means of enjoyment and creative expression. We hope that our ceramics section might contribute to these possibilities and offer an outlet for creative expression during a time when many of us are looking for inspiration around us. To see more of the objects that inspire us, check out our frontpage selection here.

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